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For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the world of flowers. Some of my earliest flower memories date back to when I was growing up in Èze, a beautiful village on the southeastern coast of France. I was particularily mesmerized and overjoyed by the abundance of shapes and colors of wildflowers that flourished in our garden.

This love of flowers persisted throughout my life and blossomed when I entered the Fine Arts School of Paris. There, I would dedicate my entire days studying, drawing and painting flowers, and expressing my passion for the nature realm.

Through my work alongside nature I came to realize that flowers enable us to grow and to blossom. They allow us to become more of who we are and to express our unique gifts and talents. Flowers give us the opportunity to see that life is a love poem, and invite us to be that poem.

Today my paintings are both a dedication to flowers and a way of interacting with their beauty, love and intelligence.

Flower Elixirs

As my relationship with flowers grew, I felt a longing to mingle with them at a deeper level. I started using flower elixirs, and my life began to change in the most transformative ways. I attuned to flowers and became receptive to their language.

Each flower carries a unique energy signature and message that we can bring to our awareness to become more consciously present with life.

I now incorporate this vibrational energy work to my creative process and use flower essences and flower mists in my paints. My murals are litterally infused with the consciousness of flowers, offering their sublte frequencies to move through our awareness for the unfolding of our highest potential and well-being.

Penelope Rolland


For inquiries you can contact me by email or by phone. My work is also available on large scale canvases made to order and painted on location. I look forward to hearing from you!